Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold

In the last month of 2020, it will be mentioned again and again in the historical review of cryptocurrencies. The world's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, first set its own record high of $1,800, and then on December 16, 2020. In the 12-yBitcoin Goldear history from its birth to the present, Bitcoin stood at 20,000 U.S. dollars for the first time, and its market value exceeded the 400 billion U.S. dollar mark for the first time, which is approximately RMB 233 billion, which is almost the market value of Moutai.

What ICO does is to formalize the rent-seeking process. The "nominal value" of functional tokens is their practical value. If you want to be a rent seeker, you need to bet on a decentralized application DApp-how do you understand this sentence? For example, DApp is actually restricted by tokens. Anyone who wants to use DApp must hold tokens. For an ICO project, they no longer use existing currencies, but instead create opportunities for early token buyers to become the gatekeepers of decentralized applications. In other words, these functional token holders are rent-seekers, who play the role of government bureaucracy mentioned above, taxing those who use decentralized applications.

This is not the case with Eastern thinking. Since ancient times, it has been about taking advantage of the trend. Since the power of feminine will inevitably grow and develop, we should follow the trend of the times and put the power of masculine into the power of feminine to develop and grow together. Therefore, the DCEP we have seen is the first to emerge in the world. The internationalization process of RMB will inevitably be accompanied by the development and growth of DCEP, which will be used all over the world.

The second point is to create a more open financial system. Hirji said that the development of any technology is nothing more than the two stages of investment and application, and the current cryptocurrency field is in the investment stage. While expanding their basic business, they will also pay attention to the next stage of development of cryptocurrency, the application stage.

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining will be adjusted every 2016 blocks. According to the average time to mine a block every 10 minutes, the time corresponding to 2016 blocks is 14 days. All blocks whose block height is an integer multiple of 2016 are the blocks corresponding to the system adjustment of the mining difficulty.

Bitcoin (BTC) showed a high average correlation with other crypto assets in the first quarter of 2019, but its correlation dropped significantly in the second quarter. During this period, the price of Bitcoin iBitcoin Goldncreased by 300%, and its market value The rate reached more than 60%, setting a new high for the year;

"I started to pay attention to mining at the end of 2016. At that time, the price of btc rose, and the days of miners were still relatively moist. Mining machines were in short supply, and even reservations were needed. They were in the stage of earning if they were bought." Chen Hua, founder of Spider Pool Tell Rhythm BlockBeats that the entire Bitcoin mining ecosystem has changed a lot after this halving.